SPEA & AB Electronic, new business agreement

AB Electronic Devices, leading distributor of SMD lines, has been appointed new distributor of SPEA (ATE and Flying probe equipment) for all Spain and Portugal, except for the east of the Iberian Peninsula. For this purpose, AB electronic has hired a new service engineer to specialize and train him exclusively for the new commercial brand we represent: SPEA.

The best way to test

Spea’s automatic test equipment is used to test semiconductors, MEMS, electronic boards, which are used in automotive, consumer, industrial, medical, defense and other fields.   Creativity. Innovation. Ingenuity. Since 1976, SPEA has been designing and manufacturing the best automatic test equipment for semiconductor ICs, MEMS, electronic boards and modules.    From vehicles to smartphones, from tablets to the most complex aerospace, medical and military devices. With SPEA equipment manufacturers, you can be assured, day in and day out, of the quality and reliability of your products.

Our activities

In a world where electronics surround every aspect of our lives, SPEA ensures that all devices operate free of defects throughout their lifetime.   SPEA systems are designed to detect any possible defects in electronic products, so that they do not fail.   Our Semi and MEMS test business unit focuses on analog mixed-signal test for ID, automotive, medical, SOCs, as well as MEMS test and calibration. The product line includes H3000 test controllers, Comptest MX and DOT testers.   Our electronic test business unit is known as a high-end supplier of automatic test equipment for assembled electronic boards (PCBAs) and modules. Our test teams of flying probes, ICT testers and functional testers work daily on 5 continents to help electronics manufacturers ensure the quality of their devices at the lowest possible cost.   Our Specialty Products business unit specializes in the development of customized equipment designed to respond to specific test requirements, where time-to-market is of the essence. It is here that the most innovative solutions for testing the latest technologies are born, and here are the foundations of next-generation testers for MEMS, ICs, electronic boards and modules.

Over 40 years of innovation

Low test cost, improved detection capability, test techniques designed on the latest technology requirements, full configuration capability. For SPEA’s customers, testing is not an additional cost, but a tangible competitive advantage.   SPEA’s success is the result of a mix of experience and know-how, continuous investments in R&D and a strategic vision. SPEA is the only ATE manufacturer whose product portfolio covers all phases of testing. From semiconductor wafer testing to packaged microchips and MEMS sensor testing, from in-circuit and Flying probe testing on assembled PCBs to final functional testing.   From there, substantial benefits are realized: the best ideas are borrowed from one field to another, reducing costs and development time while realizing products based on the best architecture, with all the compatibility benefits that follow.