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Commonly referred to as “Cleanless Testing”, this method has been used for 40 years and is recognized as an important tool for ensuring process control in the manufacture of electronic circuits and components.

The Contaminometer system (CM Series) was originally developed by Brian Ellis’ Protonique. They were also characterized by the rapid development of cleanliness programs carried out by the US Department of Defense in Lake China in 1970.

Contaminometers are used to measure the amount of ionic contamination, usually referred to as cleanliness level, according to IPC/ANSI-J-STD001 and UK DEF-STD and other international specifications. The instruments are also commonly described as ROSE (Resistivity of extracted solvent) or SEC (Conductivity of extracted solvent) testers.

Gen3 CONTAMINOMETERS are available in 4 different models and 4 different tank sizes because when selecting a test system it is important to use the smallest possible tank size.

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Reference: UR5041RP250G